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Gizmo gift for wine-lovers

Gizmo gift for wine-lovers
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Dynamo House is offering a new concept wine kit which is billed as a 'Step by Step Introduction to Wine Appreciation for Wine Lovers' and is available in two versions: White Wine and Red Wine.

Gizmo tried the kit and we agree with the manufacturers claim that it 'provides the passionate wine lover with an accessible guide to evaluate wine professionally.' The kits have been created under the direction of wine-authority Philip Rich, a professional Australian wine taster and judge. It contains everything you need to appreciate the quality and character of wine and guides you through a step-by-step evaluation process, designed to train your eye, nose and palate.

We think the kit represents one the picks of the Christmas season for gift purchasers - it will educate the user and increase their enjoyment and knowledge of the wines they drink. Each kit comes with ten red (or white) aromas designed to help the nose recognise these essential components. Wine appreciation is an ancient art and a refined understanding of this process is something which can be learned with this kit.

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