There's no arguing that the Japanese love their cameras, particularly classic cameras. There's also no arguing that the Japanese love their iPhones. What could be cooler than combining the two, and creating an iPhone case that looks like a classic Leica? That's exactly what Japanese classic camera importer Adplus has done with its Gizmon iCA. Now, it's introducing an all-black "military" version - available for order worldwide in a few days. These covers don't just look good, either.

The case is made out of 32 separate polycarbonate parts and features a proper shutter button for your iPhone, an optical viewfinder and a mount for additional conversion lenses over the iPhone's lens. A 4.0x macro lens and 180° fisheye are available at the moment, but Gizmon has ambitions for a whole range of accessories, including a mini-tripod, leather case and an old-style flashgun for the miniature hot-shoe on the case. There are even lugs to attach your favorite classic camera strap.

It doesn't impede normal operation of your iPhone, and of course you can use any photo software that you want. The Gizmon iCA comes in white, black and orange over silver, for US$65 (GBP41, EUR50). The new ultra-cool all-black military model will be $70.

Source: Gizmon

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