From time to time, just about everyone has to perform messy jobs such as cleaning paintbrushes, scrubbing greasy vehicle parts with solvent, or removing dried-on mud from footwear. Usually, you have to change into old clothes in order to so, and even then you'll still get some "overspray" on your face and arms. With the Glovebucket, however, you can do those jobs while wearing a tux.

The device itself is pretty simple.

It's a square 5-gallon (19-liter) high-density polyethylene bucket, with a removable transparent acrylic lid. The bucket has round holes in two of its sides, which a pair of included heavy-duty rubber gloves extend through from the outside – the gloves seal around the holes.

User just throw their dirty items in the bucket along with whatever cleaning solution they're using, throw on the lid, stick their hands in the gloves and go to work. The lid lets them see what they're doing, yet protects them from flying drops of solvent, muddy wash water, or anything else. As an added bonus, they can pretend that they're a scientist studying a bio-hazardous material.

The Glovebucket is usually priced at US$79.95, although it's currently on sale for $49.95.

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