Big Kahuna Collapsible Kayak

Big Kahuna Collapsible Kayak
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It's 4.5 metres long, and incredibly light and manoeuvreable when in the water. It's extra length gives it a sizeable storage capacity, and with the ability to carry up to 140 kilos, it's ideal for multi-day trips up river.

Most importantly, it takes just 20 minutes to erect and 10 minutes to dissemble. It collapses into a travel-style backpack weighing just 16kg and is hence ideal for trekkers who want to be able to traverse and explore waterways. The skin should last 30 years if properly cared for, and the entire kayak, complete with backpack, spray skirt, sea sock, decklines, rigging and instruction video has a two year warranty. Total cost is $4452 at kayaker.com.au or call 0425 227192

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