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Humungous Telly
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The Olympus Ultrahigh-resolution Rear Display System is one very BIG tele. Incorporating nine SVGA 480,000 pixel projectors, the HDPS100 produces a high-resolution image of around 4-megapixels on its massive 100-inch screen. To achieve this, on-board processors are used to divide image data across the projectors creating a uniform picture, along with a specially developed algorithm to accurately measure and instantaneously process colours. The original screen design consists of a dispersion screen and two lenticular sheets that act as lenses, assisting the high-resolution expression that can be viewed in a 120-degree range and remains sharp up close - even at a distance of 30 cm. With brightness output equal to theatre projectors, the HDPS100 enables visual aids to be used in conferences and lectures without dimming the lights, making it easier to take notes. On sale since April in Japan and the US, the HDPS100 has not yet been released in Australia - so you still have plenty of time to build that extra room for this 600kg, 2.3 x 2.3 x 1.03 metre monster.

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