Electric-engineered Formula One Ferrari replica

Electric-engineered Formula On...
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How come they didn't have toys like this when we were kids? These are not pedal cars. The Italian-made Freester has a 28cc two-stroke master, centrifugal clutch a top speed of 20kmh and a price of $4000. Complete with safety harness and disc brakes, these are exquisite machines for the very young. The power of the motor can be governed in line with the age of the child and a tank of gas lasts 90 minutes. Equally as stunning but for even younger children is this Ferrari Formula One race replica with an 8kmh electric motor, safety-harness, followed and reverse gears, two wing mirrors and full Ferrari livery. Suitable for children 3 years end up, with an RRP of AUS$1899. Both cards are available from Global Discovery (08) 83540444.

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