irock! has taken an insightful leap sideways in its approach to wireless audio transmission with the 300W Wireless Music Adaptor - a device that allows you to play audio from MP3 or portable CD player via a wireless link to any FM radio or FM stereo within a 3-10 metre range.

The 300W also connects to the audio output or headphone jack of mini-disc players, laptops, desktops and even the good ol' audio cassette player. The combination of an MP3 player with a powerful memory and the 5 x 8 x 2.5cm irock! 300W provides a formidable portable music collection that can be used in the car, through a home unit or anywhere there is an FM radio.

Requiring no software and operating on one of four frequencies in-case of interference from radio stations, it's recommended that the 300W should be within 3m of the radio and as far from the audio source as the cord allows. The 300W runs on 2 AAA batteries that will last for around 20 hours, and costs $US39.