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High-Powered In-Line Skates

High-Powered In-Line Skates
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In-line skating commuters may be joining motorists in petrol station queues with the introduction of Power Blades - a pair of aluminium frame in-line skates weighing a total of 7.2kg with a 22cc engine attached to the back of the right skate. The US made skates utilise a precision single-speed drive gear to the rear wheel achieving a maximum speed of approximately 35kph. Acceleration is controlled by a hand-held throttle and braking is standard rear drag - and if you do happen to run out of fuel - just skate on.

Available from ExtremeToys.com.au

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Wow... is there a decibel issue with this ragmatazz spikey-looking shoes on wheels? I will order one and does it come as a pair or only one side is adequate?
Does it recognise left-hand or right-foot lanes???...hahaaa just kidding but this is a superb & swift way of whizzing about town. I wonder what will my premium become if my Insurance were informed of this acquisition??? :((