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Now colour can be measured too

Now colour can be measured too
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Two colours that look the same often aren't - just ask anyone who's tried to touch up paintwork using a chart to find the right colour. Now the problem has been solved with a new technology that measures the colour to a high degree of accuracy by reading wavelengths in the ultraviolet and infrared range that are invisible to the naked eye. The potential applications for PocketSpec are many, from home decorating to commercial applications such as textile production, cosmetics manufacturing, dentistry (to match the colour of existing teeth) and even tanning studios are using the technology to enable clients to select their preferred tan level and monitor their progress.

The hand-held PocketSpec Bronz measures the darkness of the skin and registers a "TanTone" number between 1 and 1000, differentiating between more colours than the human eye can see. The higher the number, the darker the tan.

The PocketSpec Bronz costs AUS$879. Call 0416 188 108 for more information on PocketSpec.

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