Wave blades offer Bodysurfing speed without compromise

Wave blades offer Bodysurfing ...
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Designed to maximise speed in the water and improve your chances of getting on the wave without cramping your bodysurfing style, Wave Blades use a lightweight foam filled glove construction giving each finger control over the movement of the "board". Integrating the glove into the bodysurfing device also ensures that they can't come off as you paddle for a wave (or get dumped) and the foam padding acts to cushion the bumps as you slide down the face. Each pair of Wave Blades is hand-made in the US by Bob Davis, who first came up with the design in the summer of 1987 at Long Beach New York. Tired of being "left to eat alot of wakes" in the 8-10 ft waves, Davis was inspired to draw up plans for a body surfing aid that was easy to swim with, didn't get away from you and was able to hold a high line as well as delivering exceptional control and allowing you to "dolphin" into the wave.

According to Davis, Wave Blades become an extension of your body after a week of use.The patented Wave Blade design has changed considerably after more than ten years of field testing and feedback for bodysurfers but retains key features such as a longer outside rail to increase stability and the foam injected glove design. The device is covered in lycra and as part of the manufacturing process you can incorporate your own pattern.

Hand construction of the Wave Blades takes about five-six hours per pair so orders may be slow to fill at this stage although Davis plans to engage a manufacturer in the near future.

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how can i purchase a pair.