The World's smallest and thinnest Bluetooth-equipped micro-robot prototype will be unveiled at ROBODEX 2003 next month in Yokohama, Japan. Epson's Monsieur II has a volume of just 7.8cm3 and weighs 12.5g, travels at a rate of 150mm/sec and is driven by an ultrasonic motor 0.4mm thick. Basic forward, backward and turning functions can be wirelessly controlled, although cuts the top-speed of the robot by half. The three 1.7-volt zinc-air batteries that constitute the power supply account for more than one third of Monsieur II's overall weight and deliver up to five hour of continuous motion.Future applications of the technology may include performing tasks in spaces too small for human access.The original 1993 Monsieur was marginally smaller - due to the absence of a Bluetooth module - but was much slower had only the capacity to follow light.