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Advanced oven cooks up to five times quicker

Advanced oven cooks up to five times quicker
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Combining thermal, convection, and microwave energies, GE's range of Profile ovens promise a highly efficient, automated cooking process that's both versatile and significantly faster than ovens that use only one cooking method. Preliminary testing show that a turkey can be speed-roasted in half the time and potatoes cook five times faster according to GE Cooking Products.

Application of the right combination of energies to optimise cooking performance is automatically controlled - the user enters food type, time, and temperature and the oven decides how to achieve the desired result in the most efficient way.

"Cooking foods quickly was not our only goal," according to Leanne Wilks, general manager for GE Cooking Products. "We developed this oven to use the optimal combination of the best of three cooking methods in an effort to produce the best possible food".

The Profile Oven also offers traditional cooking methods such as baking, broiling, roasting, and standard convection. Additional modes include defrost, warm, proof, self-clean, and help. Existing cookware - metal pans, glass baking dishes, and stoneware - can be used in the new oven.

Another innovation is the Precise Air' convection system with a fan that reverses direction in order to maximise air and heat circulation and overcome the need to rotate pans.

GE Profile ovens are due for US release later this year with prices ranging between US$2349 for the single wall oven and US$3899 for the double oven. Stay tuned to Gizmo for more details on the Australian release.

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