Sometimes architecture can create much more than a roof over your head and this five-level, floating dwelling for six people is a perfect example of how a living space can define a new kind of living.

Jelly-fish 45 is 9 metres wide, 15 metres high and its living areas above and below the sea include and upper level study (5.6 metres above sea level), a day-time deck containing kitchen and bathrooms, a semi-submerged guest room and an underwater observation globe (3 metres below sea level).

Built for use in atolls, sea parks and sheltered bays, ideally rich in undersea life, the superstructure is constructed from fibreglass-reinforced plastic and the undersea globe is high-strength polycarbonate.

Manufactured by Canadian underwater vehicle specialists UVI, Jelly-fish 45 is among the futuristic designs by Giancarlo Zema - follow the links below or see (story numbers 1607 and 1575) for more on these projects.
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