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Samsung announces 57-inch LCD Panel

Samsung announces 57-inch LCD ...
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Friday December 5, 2003

Samsung Electronics have set a new benchmark with the unveiling of a 57-inch TFT-LCD Panel for HD-TVs. The addition of the new screen - which was produced on Samsung's second 5th generation line beginning in September this year - means that the Samsung range of LCDs now spans from 15" to 57".

The 57-inch Panel features impressive specs - 1920 X 1080 resolution with 6.22 million pixels, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 600cd /m2 brightness, maximum 8ms response time, 75 percent colour reproduction and 4.75cm module thickness.

The high contrast ratio is achieved using improved PVA (ITO patterned vertical alignment) and polarizer technology. Samsung's preceding 54" TFT LCD panel delivered an 800:1 ratio.

The new size record follows n the LCD world's first 40-inch panel (produced by Samsung in August 2001) a 46- panel in October 2002 and a
54-inch panel last December.

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