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Cordless home phone with integrated camera and MMS

Cordless home phone with integrated camera and MMS
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Siemens Mobile has launched the first home phone with fixed-line MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). Combining a high-resolution colour display and an integrated digital camera, the cordless phone opens up new ways of communication in the home environment, allowing a family to capture experiences and share them easily. Providing a seamless solution between the mobile and fixed world, Siemens' Gigaset SL740/SLX740isdn offers the same capabilities as an MMS mobile phone - sound clips, pictures and a 640 character SMS.Borrowing another favourite mobile feature, this innovative cordless phone offers picture CLIP to personalise a phone book with snapshots - putting a face to a name! In addition, different polyphonic ring tones to be allocated to specific phonebook entries and there's even a site download the ring tones. There's even a Data suite and Data Cable which enables you to upload and download pictures and ringtones to your PC and synchronise your address book with Microsoft Outlook. Clemens Joos, President of the Cordless Products Division of Siemens mobile: 'The Gigaset SL740/SLX740isdn is about sharing experiences and enhancing the relationships we build with friends and family. I believe that with this exciting new phone Siemens is marking a new era of communications for families and homes across Europe.' The Gigaset SL740/SLX740isdn also has a calendar function that enables the storing of dates and reminders next to phone book entries, making it an invaluable information hub for the family in the same way that the mobile phone acts for individuals.The Siemens Gigaset SL740/SLX740isdn is available across Europe from April 2004. It is presented in a 'titanium' colour and may be purchased from Siemens Gigaset range retailers or online from About Siemens mobileSiemens Information and Communication Mobile Group (Siemens mobile) is one of the world's leading suppliers in the field of mobile communication, offering mobile phones, cordless phones, wireless modules and mobile infrastructure, as well as all radio and switching modules, consulting services and systems integration. The mobile communication arm of Siemens AG markets products and services in more than 120 countries, generating sales of - 10 billion with a workforce of some 26,900 people in fiscal 2003 (September 30). Siemens mobile is the world market leader in prepaid solutions and digital cordless phones.

View gallery - 6 images
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