There's a definite relationship between caffeine and technology, so this latest built-in, fully plumbed, totally automated, all stainless steel, self-cleaning Profi-Coffee Centre from Küppersbusch was a natural Gizmo. The on-board computer is like having your own live-in Barista to control the complex process of coffee making while at the same time guiding you through an assortment of user-friendly programs.

The "Touch-me" technology involves "intuitive" software and an easy-to-read digital display to place the mysteries of coffee squarely under your control. It lets a novice make a perfect macchiato, and lets the seasoned veteran set specific levels of grounds, milk, and water, even temperature, for each individual type of beverage. And when you're done, Profi-Coffee Centre lends a hand as the integrated self-cleaning and calcium deposit removal programs enable regular, easy maintenance without ever having to take out the brewing unit.

The Profi-Coffee Centre also has a constant, immediate hot water supply thanks to its two integrated boiler units, which eliminate the wait for hot water when you first turn on the machine in the morning or when you want a cup of coffee after someone else made tea. There's also a professional grade round grinder with its slow spinning stainless steel blades which provides for the necessary mixture of fine particles and slightly more coarse powder.