Laks watch to help make healthy babies

Laks watch to help make healthy babies
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We're bullish about the prospects for the LAKS Baby Boom watch. There is no quest more closely monitored than the modern woman seeking to use modern technology to optimize the chances of conceiving a child. And the Baby Boom does almost everything one could expect in tracking the vital numbers before, during and after the pregnancy. The watch calculates the fertile days, indicates in which week of the pregnancy you are, has a name finder with 5000 names, keeps tabs on appointments, medical dates, ad infinitum, and keeps track of the lab reports.

The watch downloads to a PC so you can chart, share and obsess over the data in a host of other ways too. All of that in 5 languages!

Though the functionality cannot be questioned, we're a bit concerned about the styling which is more akin to that of a male triathlete's watch than a feminine making-babies watch, but our money's on a complete sell-out anyway.

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