Ingenious Bluetooth Luggage Tag

Ingenious Bluetooth Luggage Ta...
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November 2, 2004 The folks at idfuel, one of the best design resources on the web, had an ideas contest recently for clever ways to use technology to make summer more fun.

The winner was a Bluetooth travel accessory and luggage tag which attaches to your baggage and beeps and notifies you when it is within range so you'll know when your bag is coming down the conveyor belt at the airport.

Known as the BlueBird, the tag also flashes to draw your attention but this is only likely to be useful until everyone gets one. That might happen, because it's a very clever idea!

The Bluebird can also track multiple bags to ensure you don't leave one behind, and it has the capacity to store large amounts of contact information which authorities can access via a Bluetooth enabled computer.

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