November 15, 2004 Mathmos, the company that brought out the LavaLamp in the 60s has released a new white light lamp controlled by motion detection. Slowly pass your hand horizontally through the air above the Airswitch and the lamp turns on or off. Raise your hand vertically and the Airswitch will brighten or dim accordingly.

Airswitch 1 is a small blown glass light with an elegant chemistry flask aesthetic. It is ideal as a bedside or table light as you can simply move your arm over the light rather than fumbling for the switch. There are two colours one with small white graphics and one with larger red graphics, retailing for UK £38.

Airswitch 2 is a floor standing piece by renowned design duo Shin and Tomoko Azumi. A beautiful blown glass form standing at half a metre high, Airswitch 2 invites you to play with light in the most intuitive and magical way. Airswitch 2 will be available before Christmas 2004 and is priced at UK£150.

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