April 1, 2005 Sonance, the company that originated high fidelity in-wall loudspeakers some 22 years ago, has acquired the IP of its major competitor Sound Advance Systems for “invisible” loud speaker technology. These technologies offer a range of unique and compelling loudspeaker features in that they are completely undetectable and provide a wide, virtually omnidirectional sound dispersion pattern and are ideal for applications requiring background and foreground music, voice paging, surround sound, and multi-room systems. Sound Advance speakers can be found in such exclusive locations as the Dolce & Gabana, Luis Vuitton, Prada, Armani and Chanel boutiques in cities such as Milan, Paris, New York, Beverly Hills, and St. Moritz, and have been the centerpiece of numerous CEDIA Electronic Lifestyle award winning residential installations.

In contrast to the performance of traditional cone-type loudspeakers, which disperse sound narrowly throughout their listening environment in a tight pattern resembling that of a theatrical spotlight, Sound Advance Systems loudspeakers provide wide patterns of dispersion which cover the area in a floodlight-like fashion. The resulting performance offers clean, highly intelligible sound reinforcement in every corner of a room, not just directly beneath the loudspeaker, even in extremely off-axis areas. Once installed, the loudspeakers can be covered with any wall covering including latex paint, fabric, wallpaper, or any one of a number of textured finishes.

Officials said the companies had concluded an agreement covering both residential and commercial markets, which includes Sonance assuming immediate control of all Sound Advance Systems' operations.

"This is another exciting step for Sonance," said Scott Struthers, Sonance co-founder. "With Sound Advance technology, we can take Sonance loudspeaker design to a new level. Sound Advance products allow for truly 'invisible' speaker installations highly desired by leading architects and interior designers."

"We see tremendous residential and commercial market opportunities in making Sonance the exclusive global source for products based on this unique technology." Struthers added, "Sound Advance products are sold in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. Their addition will further strengthen the international market presence of Sonance."

Struthers said existing Sound Advance customers would continue to have access to Sound Advance products, and that mailings have gone out to both Sonance and Sound Advance customers informing them of Sonance's new role. Alejandro Bertagni, Vice President of Engineering at Sound Advance, whose father invented much of the original Sound Advance technology, commented, "We are proud to have Sonance take Sound Advance products and technologies to the next level by making these products available through their extraordinary network of high end custom installation dealers."

"Backing Sound Advance products with the strength in customer service and technical support of Sonance will add value and deliver real benefits to our customers," added Struthers. "I can't overstate our enthusiasm and excitement. We know we've got a unique solution that is a winner."

Sonance also makes an interesting ipod accessory - the iPort is a wall docking port for the iPod for distribution of its digital contents (music and photo collections) throughout the home on any local or whole-home audio system. iPort provides quick docking and access to the iPod photo, iPod mini and 4th Generation iPod with Click Wheel (40GB, 20GB only). The iPort also charges the iPod while it is docked.

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