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Snap Alarm - the perfect invention?

Snap Alarm - the perfect invention?
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April 2, 2005 Smoke detectors are something you can do without if you have a death wish, sleep with one eye open like James Bond or have never had kids. That’s not to say that most people haven’t thought of doing without them on account of them being so ugly – they look like they belong in a prison cell, not part of the decor in one’s castle. On top of that, when you want to inspect or replace them, having them screwed into the ceiling is also a bummer.That’s why we love this idea. The Snap Alarm smoke detector simply clips to the chord of any light fitting. This means it can be retrofitted almost anywhere, in a few seconds, without the need for tools by someone with an IQ larger than their shoe size, and it sits in exactly the right place in a room for a smoke detector – high and central.

Most importantly, it is not ugly and it comes in a range of colours. Indeed, we couldn’t help but think what a great invention it is – simple, easy to use, and with some compelling advantages over existing units. This augers well for OG Invent, the company that conceived it. Apparently they have more clever ideas to bring to market, so please buy one of these so we can see what they think of next!

SnapAlarm was launched in December 2004 in Sweden, and in February expanded to Denmark - there are now more than 200 shops in the two countries where Snaplarm is sold.

"Our focus is right now to find partners in Europe, and for that reason we are participating in an Export event for Swedish products called Swedish Style Milan, said OG Invent Design's Claes Hydén. "It sound maybe strange but it is an entirely Swedish product. It is als manufactured in Sweden. We have also recieved the Red Dot Award, one of the most valuable awards for the recognition of safety in the world. That will help us to open up new doors."

"The price of the SnapAlarm is 40 EU and there are no websales so far, though we are seeking partners in all countries and if anyone is interested, they can email me on c.hyden@"

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