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Interactive floors and walls

Interactive floors and walls
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April 13, 2005 Lightspace Corporation of Massachusetts has a very interesting technology that enables any floor or wall to be built as a massive touch-interactive video screen. The cutting edge interactive technology is a natural for nightclubs and has application in many industries including Family Entertainment Centres, Theme Parks, Fashion Shows, Special Events, Stage Lighting & Sound, Health Clubs and Architectural Lighting & Design. The patent pending Lightspace technology creatively engages and interacts with people to immerse them in a new experience of interactive visual and audio effects enhancing their overall enjoyment as they dance, play, workout and generally have fun. Check out the videos inside to get a real understanding of what it can do.


There is no question that the nightclubbing application comes naturally to mind the first time you see the technology which turns a dance floor into a mega-sized group interactive experience. The interactive dance floor projects different effects and can be synchronized to the music being played at the same time as reacting to dancers and their movements. We’ve come a long ways since the mirror ball and strobe lighting – this is several light years beyond those simplistic effects.

Interacting with Children

Perhaps the most endearing application for the Lightspace Technology is that of providing a play space for children. As the walls are sensitive to weight or touch, there are probably many more uses for this technology as an interactive agent than have yet been considered, but here are a few ideas for promoting healthy social interaction among children.

Groups of friends can compete against or cooperate with one another in a wide variety of games. The number of people that can play at one time is only limited by the size of the Entertainment Surface that is installed.

Most video games offer a solo experience. Even multi-player games usually require players to concentrate on the screen in front of them instead of the people with whom they are playing. Lightspace activities are conducted on the platform and require players to coordinate their movements. The nature of the experience fosters communication between children.

Physically interactive video games and dance

Lightspace has the potential to integrate physical activity and electronic entertainment to create a new form of exercise. The combination of physical movement and the compelling nature of video games have led many formerly sedentary people to spend several hours a week engaging in aerobic activity and enjoying it. Lightspace could provide all manner of new ways to keep fit and new forms of physical expression.

A interactive branding tool

The most prolific use of this technology will no doubt be in a straight forward commercial sense. The ability to use the floor as a branding tool with all the visual effects of a massive computer screen means it has numerous uses in a commercial sense. Check out the rental agencies video on the Lightspace site to understand how this might work.

Lightspace consists of two parts, The Entertainment Surface and The EntertainmentManagement System (EMS)

The Entertainment Surface

The Entertainment Surface includes an interactive floor surface comprised of 16” x16” programmable LED lit and pressure sensitive tiles that can be constructed to fitalmost any available square or rectangular space. Each tile consists of sixteen 4” x 4”pixels that can display any color or pattern. The surface is able to detect location,movement and density of players to give a realistic gaming experience. Reactions toplayer movements are displayed on the surface and can be accompanied by soundeffects. The Entertainment Surface can also be synchronized with a video screencreating additional entertainment possibilities.

The Entertainment Management System (EMS)

The EMS is housed in a durable touch screen kiosk station that is located next to theEntertainment Surface. Kiosks can be formatted to collect different forms ofpayment (e.g. coins, tokens and magnetic cards) and to distribute redemptioncoupons. New games can be downloaded quickly and easily to the EMS enablingentertainment center managers to keep their system up to date and its appeal freshwithout the need to purchase new hardware.

View gallery - 9 images
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