Broadband-in-Gas (BiG) technology offers massive bandwidth for little infrastructure investment

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May 15, 2005 Delaware-based communications company Nethercomm Corporation has announced a new broadband technology promising massive bandwidth with minimal additional infrastructure investmentment required. Nethercomm’s Broadband-in-Gas (BiG) carries enormous amounts of data through existing subterranean gas pipes instead of over the air (with constraints and interference), to offer much greater bandwidth and hence access to content and services beyond that which has been available to date.BiG (note that acronym – you’ll certainly hear more of it) uses Ultra Wideband technology to wirelessly broadcast information in a way that is both safe and reliable by using the private spectrum isolated within natural gas pipelines.

The technology is designed to effectively multiply the current available bandwidth of cable television and all other broadband systems with data capacities exceeding ten gigabits. Nethercomm’s BiG technology requires no modification to existing natural gas distribution infrastructures and can carry enormous amounts of data by simply making use of the entire spectrum buried within the existing natural gas pipelines. The technology delivers connectivity over the last mile of broadband networks without interference or degradation of other wireless transmissions. By not consuming or sharing costly spectrum, and not requiring installation of last mile cable or fiber, Nethercomm is prepared to make broadband substantially more affordable while increasing end-user bandwidth to unprecedented levels.

"Our Broadband-in-Gas technology represents a completely new era of low cost access to broadband services and a completely new alternative to cable video, phone and data services," states Ann Nunally, President and COO of the San Diego-based Nethercomm Corporation. She went on to say, "We believe we are the only company with an Intellectual Property portfolio which addresses wireless broadband communication in natural gas pipelines and have been extremely tight-lipped about this innovation until our Patent Portfolio foundation was completely in place.”

Nethercomm is currently developing natural gas, broadband and consumer electronics partnerships to validate and certify its revolutionary technology for use in existing natural gas pipelines. Simply stated, Nethercomm introduces signals into the gas lines using inexpensive equipment located at existing neighborhood network hubs and extracts data at the customer or business premises with end user-installed equipment which can operate seamlessly with most existing and deployed digital set-top boxes.

“Broadband-in-Gas has the potential to revolutionize the natural gas distribution and gas transmission industries,” stated Joe Posewick, President of EN Engineering a key designer of natural gas infrastructures. He went on to say “These utilities could both increase profit and decrease cost to their customers with very little investment”

Nethercomm’s Broadband-in-Gas provides an unmatched opportunity for natural gas utility operators and cable/broadband industry leaders to accommodate new technologies, such as High Definition Television, which have been extremely difficult to fulfill due to the significantly higher bandwidth requirements.

Nethercomm is a private Delaware Corporation, developing innovative and proprietary communication technologies for the fast-growing broadband and wireless markets. The company’s portfolio of patents encompasses what is believed to be fundamental subterranean broadband communication and includes additional patents pending to protect its technology and architecture.

Nethercomm’s Broadband-in-Gas (BiG) provides an unmatched opportunity for Natural Gas and Cable/Broadband Industry leaders to deliver unprecedented television, phone and data services. Nethercomm is collaborating with key Natural Gas Distribution and Broadband industry leaders to carry enormous amounts of data through pipes instead of over the air (with constraints and interference), to give every end user unlimited access to content and services far above and beyond that which has been available to date.

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