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The Girlfriend Lap Pillow

The Girlfriend Lap Pillow
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Via Nifty (Japanese)June 12, 2005 A couple of months back we wrote up the boyfriend arm pillow and it became one of Gizmag’s all-time most-read stories (in excess of 250,000 page views at last count) because, well … people are weird. Now we have further irrefutable proof of that. The incredible success of the boyfriend arm pillow has spawned what the Japanese manufacturers are hoping will be the male equivalent – the girlfriend lap pillow. Unlike the boyfriend arm pillow which has a heartbeat and is soft and snugly, the girlfriend lap pillow comes with realistic-to-the-touch legs and a tight short polyester skirt in your choice of black or red.

The girlfriend lap pillow sells for 9429 yen from Corporation Train, 130-0005 Higashi Komagata Ku, Tokyo Sumida 2 - 9 - 2 Telephone: 03-5608-7261

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