USB Flash Drive with Operating System Plus Office Suite

USB Flash Drive with Operating...
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A biometric version of the Computer-on-a-stick is not far away
A biometric version of the Computer-on-a-stick is not far away
The Computer-on-a-stick
The Computer-on-a-stick

July 24, 2005 FingerGear, the consumer brand of biometrics specialist Bionopoly, has announced a Computer-On-a-Stick Flash Drive. The Computer-On-a-Stick is a bootable USB 2.0 Flash Drive that is the first flash device to feature a complete onboard Operating System. The device also features the OpenOffice Productivity Suite, along with many of the most commonly used desktop and Internet applications. The Computer-On-a-Stick allows users to take their entire software environment with them anywhere securely. The device is bootable from any PC with an x86 processor, regardless of its resident Windows or Linux OS. All bookmarks, address book, emails, and office documents are stored securely on the device and never leave a trace on the host PC. Users enter a login password at each session.

The Office Suite, developed by, is compatible with the most common Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. The Computer-On-a-Stick also includes the increasingly popular Mozilla FireFox browser. Also included are PDF Viewer and Creator, a data compression utility, and an Instant Messenger that is compatible with Yahoo IM, MSN Messenger, AIM, and Napster, among others.

To maintain both security and ease-of-use, the Computer-On-a-Stick features both a public and a private partition. The public partition is accessible on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh PCs, making it easy to share non-sensitive files. The private directory can only be accessed by booting from the device and after the user enters a login password.

The Computer-On-a-Stick's Operating System plus Office Suite fits well within the device's initial 256MB capacity. Greater capacities will be available later this quarter. "Our goal was to combine a trusted operating system with the most commonly used software applications, all within a single secure USB Flash Drive," says Bionopoly CEO Jon Louis. "The Computer-On-a-Stick USB Flash Drive offers the perfect combination of security and portability."

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They\'re just commercializing what any sufficiently motivated person can do with Linux (or even Windows) and any USB stick of sufficient size. \"The device is bootable from any PC with an x86 processor\" Um, this \"any\" PC also has to have support for booting from USB.
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