August 21, 2005 The iPorter xSD offers a new way to store and manage your Flash Memory Cards with two significant distinguishing features over other card holders - the diminutive size and the simple fact that it works as a keyring, meaning that it’s convenient and close-at-hand at all times. As well as being more mobile and smaller than the competition, it can fit more styles of cards than most other cases.

Anything from SD, xD, miniSD, Mem-Stick Duo, MMC, RS-MMC, trasflash, and even phone sim cards. A lot of Sony PSP users are apparently getting interested in the case, because their PSP games come on memory stick duo's, which fit very nicely in the iPorter xSD case where it can be attached directly to their PSP, Camera, Phone, MP3 player, keys, bag, back pack, etc.

Each iPorter xSD holds three cards and can be purchased on-line for US$9.95 for a two-pack

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