With the internet unchaining millions from a daily job and a geographic location, mobile living environments will be in for some serious attention in the coming century and we’ve seen few as promising as this. The GMC PAD is an urban loft with mobility, a concept for living in the ever-changing cultural landscape of Southern California or, quite simply, a modern alternative for those priced out of Southern California’s escalating housing market. It’s a home ownership concept that enables cultural & geographic freedom for the modern city dweller. It’s a concept that represents a reasoned solution to the problems of urban sprawl, development, and its damaging effects on the region’s environment.

The PAD is the entry of the General Motors Advanced Design Group in the LA Auto Show “California Design Challenge” which will be judged in January. The PAD has also been created with modularity in mind. As such, the vehicle could easily be adapted for use in government roles such as disaster response and emergency housing as well as public sector uses such as Star Waggons for the entertainment industry or on-site management offices for events, construction, and media.

The GMC PAD features a diesel-electric hybrid system, which acts as a generator for the onboard power grid as well as propulsion for DriveMode. With the PAD’s resource management technology, onboard fuel & water supplies would last for weeks or even months on end. During daylight hours, the PAD’s SkyDeck features 6 m2 of photovoltaic cells that collect and store the sun’s energy. An electromagnetic suspension aids in leveling and stabilization when the PAD is being used in the LifeMode as well as remarkably easy handling while in DriveMode.

Direct TV, OnStar, XM Satellite Wi-Fi and are continually online to provide an endless variety of entertainment, information and security options and the PAD’s LCD interior architecture creates a media rich environment unlike any other. Electronically variable exterior glazing means privacy is always at your fingertips. The PAD’s rearmost area is devoted to a personal spa created in conjunction with Kohler. The food prep / kitchen area features a full suite of PAD-specific appliances developed by Thermador.

For outdoor living, the PAD features an integrated SkyDeck for enjoying the sights & sounds of LA culture.

Just for the record, and because this is such a great idea, the Team Members are as follows:

    Steve Anderson – Concept & Strategy, Design Manager Senon B. Franco lll – Exterior Design Jay Bernard – Interior Design Digital Modeling - Phil Tanioka, Sidney Levy, Brian Horton & Alessandro Zezza Color - Christine Ebner Studio Director - Frank Saucedo
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