January 11, 2006 There’s always a better way. No matter how clever an implementation, there’s always some improvement to be had and our “bloody marvelous idea” award of the day goes to the TuneBuckle - a unique and innovative way to protect and transport your iPod nano – turn it into a belt buckle. Made from high grade metals (aluminium or stainless steel) and leather, the TuneBuckle comes in sizes 30-46, and will cost US$49.95 when it goes on sale.

The Patent Pending clasping mechanism allows you to slide the iPod nano in from behind as you secure the buckle to the proper fitting. The recessed design protects the nano from nearly any possibility of damage. An opening on the lower right is designed with extra room to fit all 1/8th inch stereo headphone jacks.

The company has been overwhelmed by interest from the recent CES and MacWorld Expos and will have distribution in place by the end of January 2006

As is so often the case, Engadget found it first.

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