USB flash drive with e-paper capacity meter

USB flash drive with e-paper capacity meter
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February 3, 2006 With flash memory and miniature hard drives proliferating, there are many new ideas coming to market for clever, differentiating features and compelling storage form factors. Storage specialist Lexar Media has released a preview of one of its products that we think will be a winner – a USB flash drive with a unique storage capacity meter to its popular drives by integrating an innovative electronic paper display from E Ink Corporation. The E Ink display is a paper-thin, shatter proof, easy-to-read meter that’s non-volatile in that it does not rely on power to show the capacity information when disconnected from the computer. The Lexar JumpDrive Mercury will be the first USB flash drive to feature the on-board non-volatile smart capacity meter that will let customers easily monitor their available storage capacity.

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