The three-key mini-keyboard with OLED screen on each key

The three-key mini-keyboard wi...
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Artemy Lebedev and his clever mini keyboard
Artemy Lebedev and his clever mini keyboard
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February 5, 2006 Last July we wrote about the Optimus keyboard from Russian design studio Art.Lebedev – the keyboard uses OLED technology so that every key is a stand-alone display showing exactly what it is controlling at that moment. Accordingly, you can switch from language to language, or program to program and the functionality of the key will be reflected in the image it shows. The Optimus won’t be available until December 2006, but the company will have a three key Optimus mini auxiliary keyboard available by May, 2006, with each of the keys having an OLED screen displaying the current function.

If you don’t quite understand what this makes possible, check out this page which explains the concept visually (click around all the text links).

The retail price of the Optimus mini three is US$100 if you pre-order, prior to April 2.

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I always love a mini keyboard because it can help you escape the pain and other effects of carpal tunnel syndrome.