The IP-Talky multimedia keyboard with built-in VOIP handset

The IP-Talky multimedia keyboa...
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February 7, 2006 When Nicholas Negroponte drew his famous convergence Venn diagram more than three decades ago, he forecast the convergence of broadcast, telecommunications, computing, and publishing. Since then, the acceleration of this trend has been increasing and there’s no doubt the computer and telephone are in the process of morphing right now. In recent times we’ve seen many different form factors for this, with several VOIP telephone/mouse combinations and multitudinous USB and wireless VOIP handsets and now computer peripherals specialist A4 Tech has announced it will debut a new Talky multimedia keyboard with built-in VOIP handset at CEBIT in Hannover, Germany on March 9.

The ergonomic layout keyboard works with Skype, MSN, Yahoo Message, QQ and Net2phon and has an addition Audio In/Out port so it can be used with a headset or the built-in handset or in speakerphone mode. More details closer to the date.

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