March 12, 2006 “Mr. Bond, this jacket takes some beating! Its wearer can be tracked down in real time using the high-precision GPS (Global Positioning System) - even inside buildings.” It’s easy to picture Q helping 007 slip on the jacket but in fact it’s not a work of fiction but a new product developed by German company GPSoverIP GmbH and partner Interactive Wear AG.

At CeBIT this week, the companies took the wraps off the new jacket to prove that fashionable textiles and state-of-the-art electronics go hand in hand. The jacket is a concept at this stage, and the real gem at the GPSoverIP stand is a new position-finding technology, particularly for vehicle position-finding, in the shape of a GPSoverIP (Global Positioning System over Internet Protocol) web service. This innovative solution any number of moveable or moving objects (even in buildings) worldwide every second and at a very low fixed price. The Jacket

As well as a cell phone and an MP3 player, the GPSoverIP jacket comes fully fitted with personal tracking electronics. These are built into a small docking unit manufactured from special plastic, which can be removed before washing. Textile ribbon cable is fitted between the inside and outside lining and is not felt by the wearer. This cabling connects the docking unit to a headset fitted inside the collar, a microphone and a control panel with five buttons fitted to the sleeve of the left arm.

An active GPS antenna is fitted on the shoulder. It sends each change in the wearer's position via the Internet to a server in real time, thereby enabling employees to track their co-workers using a digital map or the 3D Google Earth, for example.

So what's the target group for this jacket - apart from 007? Its applications range from security services to the police, taxi drivers, geriatric care and outdoor sport (e.g. tracking missing persons in the event of avalanches).

The "GPSoverIP" web service for global live object position-finding

The GPSoverIP (Global Positioning System over Internet Protocol) web service tracks changes of location live on the screen of any Internet-ready PC or laptop using GPSoverIP. The basis of the GPSoverIP technology, which is already being used by customers, is the "GPSeye" in or on the object whose position is to be found, the powerful web service "GPSoverIP" and a piece of software for retrieving the geographical coordinates using this web service.

The GPSeye was developed by GPSoverIP, is about the size of a hand and is easy to install. It permanently records the current geographical coordinates (currently GPS, in future also Galileo) of the object whose position is to be found and also any additional data (e.g. a warning when a stipulated area is being left, loading doors are open or an engine problem occurs). All of this data is compressed and sent in encrypted form by mobile radio (currently GPRS, in future also Units and WiMax) to the central GPSoverIP web service over the Internet. Users can retrieve thedata from this service in real time and can use the data on a wide variety of terminals and software solutions.

The GPSoverIP technology has already been implemented for a large number of noteworthy software solutions: these include Map&Guide; Fleetmanager, IT Contor GPS-Fuchs, Recy Mulco Fleet Direct, Mecomo Fleet.nextome, EcoPlan GPS Tracker, GeoTrace, etc. and also solutions for three-dimensional display using Google Earth.

The cost for a one-off user of the new GPSoverIP technology are as follows: GPSeye (including free GPS-Explorer) €199.00, GPS antenna approximately €60.00 and €99.00 for activation. The monthly flat rate, including mobile radio agreement and depending on position-finding interval (1 to 45 seconds), is between €33.95 and €40.95.

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