March 27, 2006 Inflatable structures hold enormous promise as lightweight, temporary constructions of all types, as is evidenced by the advanced work currently being done by the United States military. Spanish company Innovations Xtreme Inflatables has developed the technology to create incredibly detailed inflatables and is now offering its services to create inflatables for sale or hire in an incredibly diverse range that includes an inflatable church, pub, marquee, nightclub, castle, a White House, Synagogue and even a Mosque. Having spent many years developing the technology, the company is now also offering a range of custom one-offs that could find application in many promotional budgets. All the inflatable buildings can be deflated to fit inside a small van – even the world’s first inflatable nighclub which holds over 2000 people. Most structures can be fully erected inside three hours and packed away again in less than two hours, enabling a whole new way of thinking about buildings. Like if you can’t get to the church on time, you now have the option of having it come to you.

The beautifully-decorated Inflatable Church is the company’s latest creation, complete with full interior fittings. The complete structure is comprised of two sections; the house, (five metres in width with frontal facade, seven metres high and 6.5m wide) and the tower (5x5m base and 12m in height). Walls are 0.6m thick, the Church is manufactured from fire-retardant polyester cloth that is stitched and glued to make up the basic structure, but is durable enough to allow the deflated Church to fit into a small van for easy storage and transportation.

To inflate the Church it is filled with cold air created by fans plugged into an electric generator or other suitable power source, and it is tied down and secured in place with ties and ballast to prevent it from heading for the heavens. The Church can be fully inflated and set up ready for use in three hours, and disassembled in less than two. Workmanship is guaranteed for one year.

Decoration on the structure is achieved with a painted, airbrushed finish that is also guaranteed for one year and is by far the best decoration option that Innovations Xtreme have found for ensuring a durable yet attractive finish. Inside the Church, interior fittings include an inflatable organ, altar, pulpit, pews, gold cross and even statues of angels. A plastic 'stained glass' window is also included. A great selling point of the Inflatable Church is that instead of you having to go to a church or other licensed premises to get married, the Inflatable Church can be brought to you. Many countries already allow weddings to be held outside a church, registry office or other specially-licensed location. All you will need in the future will be a licensed celebrant in attendance, meaning that civil marriages could literally be held anywhere.

At present the company has the Church available for use by clients on a rental basis, but it is intended to make the Church available for sale - with a price of 31,500 Euro. Under exclusivity arrangements, the Inflatable Church will only be available for sale to one client in a given area, to avoid too much competition in the market.

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