The Solio portable solar charger - green, cool and very handy

The Solio portable solar charger - green, cool and very handy
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April 1, 2006 The words green and cool have traditionally not occurred in the same sentence but the Solio portable solar charger indisputably earns both adjectives and is increasingly relevant given that roughly one billion handheld battery-powered devices will be sold this year. The Solio achieves maximum solar panel area in a minimum of space, captures energy from the sun or a traditional power outlet in its integrated Lithium Ion battery, and will top up the herbs on an Apple iPod, mobile phones, digital cameras, PDAs and portable games consoles with its interchangeable tip system.

Unlike some more obtrusive portable chargers, Solio’s award winning fan blade design allows it to be folded neatly to the size of a small mobile phone. This means Solio is highly portable, making it the perfect travel partner wherever you're going. The full Solio range is available now from available now from Amazon, prices start from UKP49.95/EU79.95. All units carry a full one year warranty.

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1 comment
Being portable and foldable,it will be very popular.
Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India