April 6, 2006 Scott Speed is best known as the first American in Formula One for more than a decade, but if his latest off-track venture lives up to the promise we see, he could become much better known as the founder of Squadra Piloti. Italian for “team of drivers”, Squadra Piloti is a national club that provides car enthusiasts with access to virtually any car that they want to drive. By connecting local car enthusiasts with each other, the club makes it convenient, affordable and hassle-free for its members to routinely drive a variety of exciting cars.

Scott Speed, who is making his Formula One debut in 2006 racing for Scuderia Toro Rosso, is the first American driver in Formula One since Michael Andretti drove for McLaren in 1993. Like many professional race car drivers, Scott's enthusiasm for driving extends beyond the track to include a passion for driving some of the world's most desirable automobiles. Speed, a California native, says, "Squadra Piloti is a phenomenal club - when I'm off the track, it allows me to drive a variety of exceptional cars by connecting with local, reputable car enthusiasts like myself."

Squadra Piloti gives members access to their dream cars by creating an online marketplace that allows members to connect with other local car enthusiasts in one of two ways. The first way permits two members to trade driving time on high-end cars that they already own. For example, if you are a Porsche owner who has a craving to drive the latest model Ferrari, Squadra Piloti will connect you with a nearby member who not only owns the latest model Ferrari, but who also wants to drive the Porsche that you own.

The club arranges the details of a temporary car exchange that is a win-win for both members. The second way that Squadra Piloti connects members is by facilitating a transaction in which one member pays cash to acquire driving time in another member's car. The club makes it easy for anyone to drive their favorite cars: new members simply provide their location and indicate all of the cars they want to drive, and Squadra Piloti handles the rest.

The club, which is the first of its kind, offers car enthusiasts several advantages over existing alternatives. Unlike daily exotic car rental agencies, which need to charge high prices because their cars are typically driven only a few days each month, Squadra Piloti allows members to drive the same exotic cars at a significantly lower cost. While there are a handful of European car clubs based on a timeshare concept, their American counterparts currently exist in only a few select cities. Unlike such timeshare clubs, Squadra Piloti is national in scope, charges no initiation fee and offers free ongoing membership.

Any car enthusiast can become a member of Scott Speed's Squadra Piloti free of charge through the club's website.

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