May 26, 2006 Fiat has taken the wraps off the new Fiat Ducato at the Madrid International Motor Show which opened yesterday and in the process has revealed the Truckster Concept, which takes the new Ducato commercial vehicle jointly developed with Citroen and Peugeot, to extremes, demonstrating just how flexible the Ducato is for converters. The Truckster is generously proportioned - 6.48 metres long, 2.55 m high and 2.49 metres wide - and has style that can only be described as modern and “exuberant”, thanks to a strategy which accentuates the concept of sporting performance applied to a commercial vehicle, with features such as 28 inch wheels, LED headlights, hydraulically-controlled gull wing doors, smoked glass windows and an aerodynamic spoiler. The interiors have also been given the same sporty feel, emphasizing its “road racer” personality.

Created by the Fiat Style Centre with the collaboration of Bosch SpA, Behr GmbH, SEWS CABIND SpA (Sumitomo Group) and Denso Thermal System SpA, this original concept vehicle with a huge range of possible uses: purely as a show car, or as an “Adventure” vehicle for transporting race cars or motorbikes, or even as a runway for fashion shows.

This capacity for transformation has always been a key feature of the Ducato. Take the camper van version, for instance, leader in its field with two out of three campers in Europe built on a Ducato base, all thanks to the technical characteristics of a vehicle designed for body fitters.

Codenamed X250, the new Fiat Ducato will be the heir to a model that has reaped international acclaim and sales success for twenty five years: the 1.7 million or more vehicles sold throughout the world since 1981 tell their own story. It is now the New Ducato’s turn to take up the baton and show that it is still at the top of its game.

Its look is therefore cutting edge and distinctive. It ensures easier loading and greater load capacity, plus outstanding performance and quality of life on board. The vehicle also offers state-of-the-art telematic and safety equipment, yet guarantees, most importantly of all, lower running costs. The new model retains the tried and tested mechanical layout of its predecessors (front-wheel drive and transverse engines) and offers a diverse range including:

    Goods transport versions, people-carrying versions and bases for conversions and bodybuilders Gross Vehicle Weights from 3 to 4 tonnes Two mechanical structures: 15" wheels and tyres (gross vehicle weight: 3 to 3.5 tonnes) and 16" (gross vehicle weight: 3.5 to 4 tonnes) Payloads from 1000 to 2000 kg Three wheelbases, four lengths and three heights for Van versions Seven load compartment volumes from 8 to 17 m_ Four wheelbases and five lengths for the chassis range

The resulting product range allows all customers to choose a vehicle tailored to their needs.

The new model offers four, latest generation, Common Rail direct-injection 16 valve turbodiesel engines (multipoint injection) with power outputs ranging from 75 to 120 kW bhp. The environmentally friendly engines (they comply with the Euro 4 directive) are combined with 5-speed transmissions or a new 6-speed transmission. They feature high torque (250 to 400 Nm) at low rpm: for customers, this means lively take-off and pick-up, great driving satisfaction and outstanding comfort – but above all, good fuel economy.

The X250 also tops its category in terms of safety and comfort, as exemplified by bodies with differential crumple zones, new braking systems with four disc brakes – and the adoption of ABS with EBD and a driver’s airbag as standard over the entire range. Depending on the market and the version, the vehicles also come with ASR and ESP, window bags, side bags and a front passenger airbag plus systems designed to protect against vehicle and load theft as standard equipment or options.

Last but not least, the new model also pays the closest attention to aspects connected with ergonomics, and also acoustic, climatic and vibrational comfort. Onboard well-being is an aspect of primary importance for a light commercial vehicle user, who may spend long hours behind the wheel, often under demanding conditions. For this reason, the passenger compartment has been designed to act as a welcoming, well-lit, comfortable and quiet mobile office.

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