June 30, 2006 Now let’s get one thing straight – we hate the QWERTY keyboard. It is 150 year old technology masquerading as high-tech and strangling the productivity of the world’s computer users. But until a viable alternative to the predominant computer input device comes along that has enough momentum to survive, we’re prepared to acknowledge the ongoing incremental improvement of this ghastly device. Microsoft is the world’s largest producer of keyboards and has offered some significant enhancements along the way, most notably the tilt wheel and the Magnifier and is set to release a wireless keyboard that is both rechargeable and backlit.

Paired with Microsoft's first rechargeable mouse, this desktop will feature several revolutionary innovations:

- Smart recharging to let users power-up both the mouse and keyboard on one easy-to-use dock

- Ambient backlighting turns on automatically when it senses a room is dimly lit

- Proximity sensing that will turn backlighting on as a user approaches the keyboard

- Sleek design with authentic metal accents and only one inch of height at its tallest point

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