October 30, 2006 The current global innovation tornado seems to touch every conceivable niche and one which touches us all – keeping the body optimally hydrated – has resulted in some ingenious solutions (no pun intended) of recent times. First there was the GEL-BOT for providing energy and/or hydration during endurance sports, then the recently announced Hydracoach Intelligent Waterbottle. Now HydroSport USA has announced a wrist-worn water bottle developed so runners don’t need to hold their water bottles while they run and it is hence potentially applicable for other activities too. Each HydroSport holds 160 ml of rehydration liquid (aka water, electrolyte drink) and weighs about a half pound (225 gms), a size Hydrosport arrived at after balancing the conflicting aspects of weight at the wrists and the amount of liquid needed by the body. The Hydrosport is strapped on to the wrist and has a pull top and retails for US$10 a pair.

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