November 28, 2006 Last October, we wrote about the coming of rCard technology, a US$25 multimedia card with hi-res screen about the size of a credit card and not much thicker, recognising it as an important step in the evolution of disposable, giveaway and promotional items. CEO IQ yesterday showed the card being used in five different applications as a sales tool, a customer interaction tool, a talent recruiting tool, a life-saving tool and a “sneak peek” at a retail version of the rCard. Unlike thumb-drive USBs and business card CD-ROMs, the rCard is a complete interactive information vehicle that does not require a computer or technological skill to use. The rCard has a two inch color screen and can be loaded with up to 1 gigabyte of information at the factory. It has a long-lasting battery and shows photos, data, graphics, slide shows and video and is now being touted as a US$32 item – still worthwhile as a give-away to encourage high value clients. A video of the rCard can be seen here, and opportunities now exist globally for distributors and clients alike.

“When we revealed the rCard’s powerful technology one year ago, we knew there would be countless uses for this one-of-a-kind device,” said Jet Parker, chief visionary officer for CEO IQ, distributor of the rCard. “From major corporations to start-up businesses, companies across America have embraced the rCard and made it part of their strategic business and marketing plans. Today, we’re showing the world that the rCard can have an impact on the way people build their businesses and develop interactive relationships with clients and prospects.

“Besides large-volume corporate sales, we are also negotiating for retail distribution and will be announcing a partner in the very near future,” Parker added. “CEOs who attended the party got a sneak peek at this future application, which will be used for consumers’ electronic photo albums and other images.”

Emergency Medical Information, Inc. (EMI) demonstrated its EMI 911 rCard, a technology-driven emergency medical service poised to save thousands of lives each year by providing instantaneous access to critical health information for victims of accidents and other medical emergencies. The EMI 911 rCard holds information such as family contacts, doctors, medical conditions, medications and dosages, and critical allergies. Unlike other “medical alert” products, health personnel can instantly read the information from a screen on the rCard, and easily navigate through the data with their thumbs.

“Each year, tens of thousands of Americans die because of hospital error,” said Tracy Evans, president of EMI. “In many of these cases, death could have been avoided if hospital personnel had immediate access to the patient’s critical medical information. The EMI 911 rCard ensures that doctors, nurses and emergency medical technicians quickly know the patient’s allergies, prescriptions and other details to help them make instant, informed life-and-death decisions.”

In October, yacht brokers from The Marine Group in West Palm Beach, Florida began using its rCards, which are loaded with photos and descriptions of the yachts it has for sale. At the recent International Boat Show in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., the rCards garnered a great deal of attention with their cutting-edge technology, said Ben Wofford, a yacht broker for The Marine Group of Palm Beach, Fla.

“The rCard gives portability to the boats that we market, with instant access to photos, video or data about a boat, regardless of where we are,” said Wofford, who added that the rCard already has aided in the sale of one yacht. “We’re giving our clients technology they are going to talk about for the next month and show to others. That’s a great opportunity to introduce our products to more and more people, inside and outside of a trade show environment.”

On its own rCards, CEO IQ will provide its more than 6,000 chief executive members with the latest and most relevant field intelligence harvested from the world’s databanks, giving them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Content will include research, white papers, reports, surveys, articles and case studies. Members will be able to connect their rCards to any standard computer via a USB port to refresh or replace the content.

“Our members work fast, make decisions quickly and are always on the go,” Parker said. “With the CEO IQ rCard, our CEO members will have critical information, groundbreaking ideas and proven strategies at their fingertips. They will access relevant field intelligence at the speed of business – and before their competitors.”

At Titanic ~ The World’s Largest Museum Attraction, the rCard will be part of the museum’s promotional strategy. For example, it might be hand-delivered as a press invitation for a formal grand opening of the museum, or mailed directly to visitors who fit the attraction’s ideal demographics.

“Our museum was designed to bring history to life,” said Bob Fleming, spokesman for Titanic. “That’s why we’re so excited about the rCard. It brings our museum – and this history it represents – to life right before your eyes. With the rCard, we can give prospective guests a tantalizing taste of what we have to offer.”

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