Silly String used to detect tripwires for explosive devices in Iraq

Silly String used to detect tr...
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January 15, 2007 The Improvised Explosive Device (IED) is relatively new to the theatre of war as a mainstream weapon. It was first used en masse by Belarusian guerillas against German supply trains during World War II. Since then, explosive devices have been used to great effect in a number of asymmetrical conflicts. The IED has achieved main weapon status in the current Iraq War, and as usual, some ingenious improvisations have evolved to overcome them. As ludicrous as it may for a soldier in body armour to be carrying a weapon such as the one pictured, that’s just what is happening in beautiful downtown Baghdad at present. The U.S. Army has found that KIDdesigns’ Silly String, which shoots out a very lightweight foam string, is very effective at detecting tripwires without detonating the IED at the end of the wire - the foam is light enough to drape across the wires and thus identify them.

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