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The Thrustpac - propeller driven motive force for unconventional transportation

The Thrustpac - propeller driv...
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January 15, 2007 Now here’s an opportunity for a bright young lad. The Thrustpac pushes you along on the device of your choice, and can be used for motive power on skates, canoes and other water craft, scooters, wheelchairs, skis and bicycles and we’re sure there are lots of ways to use it. It comes in three different power specifications, from a 12 pound four-stroke pack offering 10 pounds of thrust through to a 20 pound (weight) pack offering 20 pounds of thrust from a two-stroke motor. Each ThrustPac is tailor-made for you, with prices starting at US$900 and running through to US$2000. One of these will enable your pushbike to do the round-town legal limit, so it’s a sure-fire enabling technology for something … perhaps even a shot at the Darwin Awards.

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1 comment
It sure would be nice 2 C what my more learned fellows had to say as X=pounds thrust.....doesn't tell me much......I haven't been traned to think that way!! I mean, would that be enough thrust 4 2 power a Para-Glider,or a Gyro-copter?? or do I need 2 or more of these?? It sure looks like fun......are the cops gonna allow me to hook it up to my trike/wheel chair??.......LOL :-)