February 22, 2007 Innovation is abounding in the marine area at present with some enthralling concepts hitting the internet of recent times, with Industrial Designer Arnold Freidling’s Hydro-Foil sailing yacht “eXplorius” being the latest. With wind speeds exceeding 10 knots, the underwater wings lift the hull of eXplorius out of water, reducing friction and displacement to a minimum. Gliding over the waves at sailing speeds of up to 32 knots, this yacht makes transatlantic trips for two to six ‘maritime jetsetters’ possible. So far the eXplorius is a design project, but during the development of the project, Freidling consulted with a marine engineer, so his yacht concept is very realistic. He is currently seeking investors who are interested in taking this design concept to market.

Arnold Freidling studied at both the University of Art in Braunschweig, Germany and the California State University in Long Beach. He graduated in 2006 with high distinction after the completion of his master’s thesis, which was the eXplorius Hydrofoil Sailing Yacht. The eXplorius was awarded first prize of the inaugural Pininfarina Design Award in 2006.

The annual Pininfarina Design Award was initiated in 2006 for young creative talents covering the three categories Building Design, Transportation Design and Industrial Design. Arnold Freidling can be contacted here.

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