March 3, 2007 - Every now and then, devices pop up and offer a glimmer of hope that some day soon, the mouse and keyboard will be as hilariously old-school as Pong and eight-track cartridges, and Logisys' Optical Finger Mouse is one of them. Attached to your index finger with a velcro strap, the device has two buttons (left and right click) and a scroll wheel accessed with your thumb, and lets you use your finger as the cursor and any non-glass surface as a mousepad.

The device is targeted mainly at those who have to remain productive in cramped environments like cheap seats on an airplane, but that's not to say it won't be useful at your desk - RSI in the mousing hand is a fairly common ailment in this day and age, and having an array of input devices at your disposal can significantly ease discomfort.

The design makes the device unfriendly to left-handers, but as a right-handed mouser of 22 years who switched to left-handed track-balling six months ago (due to an injury) and never switched back, I'm qualified to say it's always worth a shot!

Given its insignificant US$20 price, I'd be surprised if the device didn't see a creative application by the more technically capable music producer/geeks out there and end up as popular as the P5 Glove did for similar reasons.

The Optical Finger Mouse is available now.

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