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NuVo OLED Audio Controller

NuVo OLED Audio Controller
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April 4, 2007 NuVo, best known for whole-house audio systems, has released details of its new in-wall, multi-room home audio controller. The Control Pad uses OSRAM Opto Semiconductors' 2.7-inch Pictiva OLED display for durability, high-contrast and readability from any angle and in bright daylight conditions.

The display provides up to eight lines of text, and allows the user to change the character height to make the text larger or smaller depending on the preferences and needs of the homeowner.

One of the benefits of an OLED display over the traditional LCD display is that OLEDs do not require a backlight to function. This means that they draw far less power.

Pictiva OLED displays support both parallel and serial interfaces, and are available in single color (yellow, orange, green, or white) and have 4-bit grayscale capability. Operating half-life is 55,000 hours under ambient conditions for the 2.7-inch 128 x 64.

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