April 11, 2007 For those people who just never get over their love for their iPod, here’s a keyboard dock combo that will keep your personal icon on centre stage. The ivory white US$130 Razer ProType keyboard is the first keyboard with an integrated iPod dock, enabling easy synchronization and charging of the iPod without the hassle of additional wiring.

The ProType has smart keyboard functions, including enhanced key response and customizable profiles for different applications or users.

Razer ProType Features: * World’s first keyboard with an integrated iPod dock. * 10 customizable profiles where consumers can easily configure keyboard tasks according to which program they are using. * 10 programmable keys that can be used to launch applications or perform complex tasks at the touch of a button. * Ultra touch-sensitive keys include buttons for power on/off, undo, visual (zoom in or out and 100% scale) and a music button that directly activates iTunes. * A one-touch hub for multi-media programs and everyday computer functions, which includes line-out and two USB ports for convenient connection to other peripherals. * On-the-fly profile switching that allows viewers to swap keyboard profiles upon program detection.

It is compatible with the following iPods: * iPod nano 1st generation * iPod nano 2nd generation * iPod 3rd generation * iPod mini * iPod with click wheel * iPod color display * iPod with video

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