May 17, 2007 This simple idea could help overstretched fire departments to make the best use of limited personnel. The Sentinel is a strong, directional fire-hose holding tripod that allows firefighters to set up fixed, unmanned fire suppression points while firefighters get on with the business of saving lives.

Where manpower is low, a firetruck crew can set up several of the tripods with running hoses attached. The simple, sturdy Sentinel units hold the hoses in place, allowing extra hoses to be run and freeing up firefighters for other tasks.

The tripods are adjustable for height and aim, and can be custom fitted to account for all nozzle diameters. They feature ground spikes to hold them in place and are strong enough to withstand the high pressure of a fire hose in operation.

The Sentinel is a Dyson Award-winning design concept by Australian tertiary student Wilson Du.

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