June 24, 2007 Chewing gum of various natural forms such as tree sap has been a human pastime since at least the ancient Greeks, and most likely for thousands of years before that, though it was first patented in 1869. Blowing bubbles with gum appears to have begun with a 1928 patent for Dubble Bubble, though the inventor of this global phenomena is in dispute. Now Cadbury Schweppes is seeking to popularise its Bubblicious gum and own the category in the minds of the world’s children by creating the Ultimate Bubble Blowing League (U.B.B.L.) – a competition-based U.S. league to see which kids can blow the biggest and fastest bubbles, with the championship event scheduled for October in Los Angeles. Truth is often stranger than fiction!

The U.B.B.L. is free to join for anyone eight years or older, and you can even form your own league with a view to getting your league champion into the final 56 bubble blowers who will compete for the title in Los Angeles in October and attempt to break the world record of a 23 inch bubble.

The U.B.B.L. will be holding regional bubble-blowing events in 12 cities including New York, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles and winners from these regional events will win a trip to the U.B.B.L. finals in the fall. Other finalists will be chosen via local radio promotions and an online sweepstakes.

In order to complete an official season, participants in the U.B.B.L. must complete two events in each of the four different categories: the largest bubble, the most bubbles blown, the rollercoaster bubbles and the exact bubble size events.

Kids can also download free league stuff from the website, such as a bubble meter to track the size of their bubbles, tips on how to blow big bubbles, team trading cards, iron-ons to make an official U.B.B.L. t-shirt and a template to create their own U.B.B.L. newspaper article.

Basketball star LeBron James has been appointed official U.B.B.L. commissioner.