June 27, 2007 In places like Australia where long-term drought has sparked a re-think of the way we use of our precious water resources, domestic rainwater tanks are undoubtedly of great benefit - but they’re also too large for many properties and, well… ugly. One solution is to disguise the tank, another is to keep it completely hidden from view as is the case with the Rain Reviva water storage system. Designed for easy installation underneath a house or decking, the bladder style tank incorporates a mains-pressure pump and pressure control unit to deliver water for household applications, plus a swing arm that allows automatic diversion into storm-water outflow points when the bladder becomes full.

Rain is collected in roof guttering and relayed to the tanks ranging in size from 2000 to 7000 litres. Several of the puncture resistant bladders can also be linked together to hold up to 30,000 litres. The water can be accessed using the same level of pressure achieved through conventional water supplies and a patented swing arm that progressively moves up as the bladder fills diverts excess water into storm-water drains. The Rain Reviva system allows for the normal use of mains water but can also be used as the primary water supply for the home.

The Rain Reviva comes with all necessary plumbing accessories, and is ready for installation. It can be retro-fitted in the sub-floor space in areas as low as 750 mm in height and can be folded to fit through small access points during installation.

New Water, the Australian water solutions company behind this product, have also developed an “in-slab” version of the Rain Reviva suitable for the new home market and medium density sector.

The prices of the Rain Reviva kits vary according to the bladder size, configuration and whether you require a pump or not. Standard sizes cost between AUD$2,650 to AUD$3,770 for a full kit. An animation demonstrating how the system works can be viewed at the Rain Reviva site.

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