In-car message board puts your feelings on display

In-car message board puts your...
A happy Drivemocion
A happy Drivemocion
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A happy Drivemocion
A happy Drivemocion

July 6, 2007 Displays that can be changed to reflect a given mood or express individuality have recently made their way into our clothes and our cars, with this variation on the latter - Drivemocion - using emocions (a.k.a. smileys) and messages to enable drivers communicate on the road by providing up to five options for expressing your.

The sign is attached to the inside of the car’s rear window using a power suction cup and controlled via remote control from a battery operated unit from the front of the car.

It’s available in three different versions - two emotions (happy and sad emocions), three messages (happy emocion, “thanks” and “back off”, with sad going missing for some reason) and a five message version which gives you the option of calling someone an “idiot” – maybe a button to use wisely in the age of road rage.

According to the manufacturer battery life is approximately four months.

Costs are £12.99, £16.99 and £19.99 respectively (US$26, $34, $40). A much more sophisticated unit by Roadmaster that also comes in a numberplate protector version is available for US$59.

A video demo is available at the Drivemocion site.

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Gennifer Tvrdik
I want one.