SANYO car reversing camera improves rear-view perspective

SANYO car reversing camera improves rear-view perspective
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August 3, 2007 Backing up your vehicle is often a "hit or miss" situation and relying on guesswork can lead to expensive vehicle damage or even danger to life and limb. SANYO's new CCA-BC200 rear view backup camera system with AirCam technology is a new rear view camera that employs advanced digital processing to deliver accurate, natural-looking rear view images. Freed from distorted wide angle images and hard-to-interpret "fish-eye" perspectives, the camera is designed to enable drivers to negotiate tight spots and make critical back-up manoeuvres with safety and confidence.

Sanyo's backup camera system offers users a choice of three different rear view modes, instantaneously switchable with the press of a dashboard-mounted button. The first mode is the original, unprocessed rear view. The second mode is an enhanced, digitally corrected rear view, which features a natural looking perspective free of typical "fish-eye" or wide angle lens distortions. AirCam, the third rear-view mode, features exclusive Sanyo technology to provide a virtual rear view from above.

The SANYO CCA-BC200 works with almost any vehicle, including family cars, SUV's, trucks, commercial and high-profile vehicles, RV's and campers, and vehicles with towing capabilities. The system can be used with a car video monitor system and connects through an RCA video input.

The SANYO CCA-BC200 cost around US$300 and a monitor is not included.

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